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The GARFIELD Trial is growing and helping place a face on those with blood clots.  Blood clots affect over 500,000 persons each year, and the first clot can be fatal.   The purpose of the GARFIELD trial is to help assess the new anticoagulants and interventional devices that have developed over the past 15-20 years.   Although the ATTRACT trial will soon help us understand which patterns of blood clots do the best with surgical interventions, the clinical evidence from a real world setting for the new anticoagulants is less clear.

Dr. Schul and his talented team have been helping patients with blood clots for almost 14 years.  This is a life changing experience for those affected and the management paradigm has simply changed since the majority of physicians attended medical school.  Dr. Schul’s team helping make a difference.  They strive to educate patients in healthy vein habits, arm them with the tools to help avoid recurrent blood clots, and prevent the long term complication of post thrombotic syndrome.  LRVLC-March-is-DVT-Awareness-Month-Lafayette-IN.png

The GARFIELD trial is enrolling acute blood clot subjects that are diagnosed within the first month of symptoms.  The trial lasts three years and is observational.  Dr. Schul’s team will help monitor progress, assure appropriate compression garments are applied, and will help assess for residual thrombus and safe transition to aspirin when the time is right for the condition.

If you have recently been diagnosed with blood clots, or have a loved one who is suffering from a recent event, they may be candidates for the GARFIELD trial.  Call 765-807-2770 to learn more.