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It is quite common to see patients who have a history of blood clots or present with an acute blood clot phenomena.  We were asked to evaluate a patient last week who had an extensive blood clot (DVT) in his leg.  He was four weeks into his ordeal and both he and his family were distraught over the situation and conflicting information they had been told since this life changing event.  Fortunately he was without a blood clot in the lungs, yet the burden of swelling and pain in the leg left it appearing nearly twice the size of the opposite leg at the end of the day.

Simply put, management of blood clots has changed.  Today the tenets of walking, compression, and anticoagulation.  Other than anticoagulation, he was given conflicting views on whether he should be walking and wearing compression.  He was trying to do these exact things, yet found compression to be a tremendous burden due to a large foot.  At the Lafayette Regional Vein & Laser Center we specialize in all forms of vein related issues.  In this instance, compression was imperative, yet a garment must be able to fit to be worn and maintain compliance.  Due to the extensive swelling we applied a leg wrap and within 4 days we reduced the ankle and calf diameter by 4 centimeters.  This equates to a reduction in volume of over 8 ounces of volume in a short period of time.  His symptoms were far less and he was sleeping better.  His foot was still Step 4(1)wide enough to make a compression stocking a burden.  We elected to use the Circ-Aid Juxta Cures device to provide meaningful compression without the struggle of getting a stocking over his foot.  The benefits of this garment include durability, ease of donning, ability to dose the strength precisely with each application.

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