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Cool Sculpt Arrives to Esthetic Team at Lafayette Regional vein & Laser Center!


Dr. Marlin Schul is a national and internationally known physician who specializes in all things vein and lymph related.  For the past eight years he has worked with an highly experienced esthetic team to manage the smaller veins of the legs and face for patients in his practice.  Now given the advent and efficacy of coolsculpting, we are happy to share this service as an extension of our practice.

Cool Sculpt is unique in its mechanism to permanently remove fat cells.  When diet and exercise are optimal, body shaping occurs as fat cells shrink in size.  Cool sculpting freezes the targeted fat cells that are then resorbed by the body.  This reduces the number of fat cells permanently.



Although diet and exercise are important to overall health, Cool Sculpt allows an effective nonsurgical means to acquire the desired shape of your body more quickly and with less effort.  This is not a weight loss treatment.  Most candidates require multiple sections of the body for the total transformation approach.  Treatment sessions are done in a private office setting, and most will read books, watch movies, or even nap during a treatment session.  Should you have the need for a longer session, we even offer lunch options on our dime.  The Lafayette Regional Vein & Laser esthetic team focuses on helping clients feel better about themselves.  Cool Sculpt offers an ideal opportunity for clients to find results they are seeking without excessive exercise and diet.  To learn more about whether you may be a candidate, call Emily at (765) 807-2SPA or (765) 807-2772 to schedule your complimentary evaluation.

Looking Great Has Never Been More Affordable!!