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CoolSculpt Certification Confirmed!

The word is in and the staff of the Lafayette Regional Vein & Laser Center have received notice that we are now a CERTIFIED COOLSCULPT center.  The training and commitment to results are what lead to this recognition and the staff at the Lafayette Regional Vein & Laser Center are taking it much further.CoolSculpt Certified


There are few standards in esthetic medicine, yet the Lafayette Regional Vein & Laser Center is focused on outcomes and patient advocacy.  You will always be assessed in a fair and honest manner to help you understand the process to achieve the results you are seeking.  It is true that despite adequate exercise and diet that we often are left with paintable fat that is perfectly managed using the CoolSculpt technique.

Lower abdominal fat is a common problem and the commitment to results we share is simple.  If you are having lower abdominal fat concerns, you may be eligible for our 25% reduction guarantee.  It is clear that we can measure the depth of fat reduction.  It is thought his objective measure that we can verify whether we have delivered on this promise.  If a client chooses to have lower abdominal fat treated with CoolSculpt, we will stand by a 25% reduction at three months.  If for whatever reason the reduction is less than 25%, we’ll offer an additional treatment at no additional cost.  It is true that results vary.  We wish to take this a step further and have the means to truly measure to assure the result success.

If you are struggling with lower abdominal, flank, inner thigh, or saddle bag fatty deposits, you may be a candidate for CoolSculpt.  Call (765) 807-2772 to schedule your complimentary assessment or email at