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CoolSculpting Science Commitment to Patients

Despite over 42 peer reviewed manuscripts, there are no guarantees with Cool Sculpt, let alone any other treatment.   The Lafayette Regional Vein & Laser Center is certified in CoolSculpt procedure and are different in their offers.  We first want all patients to benefit from what we do and have a specific focus on experience in our office and superior outcomes.  We have recently embarked on a protocol to assess what patients should expect after CoolSculpting lower abdominal fat.  The lower abdomen is a problem area for many, despite adequate exercise, diet, etc.  CoolSculpt procedure is ideal for any paintable fat, yet the lower abdomen offers us a way to objectively measure the outcome over three months.


Using Duplex Ultrasonography and a layer of gel separating the skin from the probe, an accurate depth of fatty layer may be captured.  In this image it is 38.1 mm.  It is simple to reproduce the measurements as specified anatomic landmarks are constant and will not change over time.  This means that subsequent measurements will allow us to see whether our commitment of 25% reduction is seen.  For a 38.1 mm depth, we would expect just under 10 mm reduction in depth or a measurement after CoolSculpting of 28.6 mm.  If you are a candidate for lower abdominal CoolSculpting procedure, avoid gaining weight over the three month period, and fail to lose 25% of the lower abdominal target region, we will offer a second treatment of the area at no cost to you.  We are doing this to help better understand who responds best to CoolSculpting, and we stand by our assessments and commitment to those we treat.

Our esthetic team is as focused on outcomes as our clinical team focusing on vein health.  To find out if you qualify for this incredible opportunity to lose stubborn pinchable fat of the lower abdomen, call (765) 807-2772 to schedule your complimentary assessment.