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With Varicose Veins

Aching, Painful, Swollen Legs

Given the many myths of veins, it is refreshing to share 21 facts of veins both historically and factually.  The following patient was told, “Varicose veins are just cosmetic, they do not cause symptoms.”  She had an occupation with prolonged standing in the healthcare field.  Not only were her symptoms vein related, they are gone following successful thermal ablation and chemical ablation.


After Treatment, veins are gone

Symptoms are gone, Veins are gone

Dr. Schul and his team specialize in a types of vein problems.  To learn more about veins and vein disorders,  blood clots, or the importance of an accurate diagnosis for your veins, visit our website at or click on any of the hyperlinks in this blog.  If you have been told a myth about veins, please share it on our FaceBook page.

Many myths of vein disease include crossing your legs makes varicoses veins develop.  The biggest triggers for developing varicose veins are hormones, effects of pregnancy, genetic predisposition, and occupational influences.  People share they stood on concrete for decades and believe that the concrete caused their bad veins.  The reality is that we could have placed the best padding on the floor and the exposure to prolonged standing would be persisted.  Indeed it is prolonged sitting and standing that are believed to play a role in developing broken varicose veins.

Dr. Schul has many options to help you again healthy veins, reducing symptoms of aching, heaviness, throbbing, itching, and swelling.  To learn more about how the Lafayette Regional Vein & Laser Center can help you, call (765) 807-2770 or email at