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Dr. Schul sharing news about Praxbind, the first FDA approved antidote to reverse the effects of Pradaxa!

Dr. Schul and his staff have been passionate about helping patients with blood clots and the advances in blood clot management.  New classes of drugs including direct thrombin inhibitors (DTIs) and Xa inhibitors have enhanced the efficacy and safety for patients needing anticoagulation for heart rhythms, blood clots, pulmonary emboli, etc.  Despite the acceptance of the new classes of drugs, that achieve quick and stable therapeutic levels and offer reliable treatment without repeated blood testing needed with coumadin, the concerns have continued pertaining to lack of easy means to reverse the effects in case of bleeding or surgical emergency.  This has changed, at least for Pradaxa.

In early Phase III results, 33 of 36 subjects who received Praxabind demonstrated no bleeding abnormalities to suggest a blood thinner had been used.  Praxabind has been fast tracked thru the FDA and is a monoclonal antibody specific to Pradaxa.  There is no allergenic features to date and it seems an outstanding option for patients taking Pradaxa in need of rapid reversal.  There are also fast track paths for andexanet (a Xa inhibitor antidote) and aripazine or PER977 (a potential universal antidote) and assumptions that we will soon have a selection for reversal process that is designed for patient safety.


Blood clots are common and Dr. Schul has extraordinary experience in helping patients reduce symptoms and prevent long-term complications of post-thrombotic syndrome.  Given the advances of reversal agents for the new classes of oral anticoagulants, theoretical and emergent safety concerns may be put to rest.  As of this date, all hospitals in the Greater Lafayette area carry this agent.  The days of 1-(800) BAD-DRUG are nearing a close as the advanced treatment options offer safety and efficacy over traditional approaches.

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