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Dr. Schul Shares DVT Blood Clot Awareness Videos

National DVT Awareness Month is in full gear. Sadly we have seen many new patients with blood clots this month alone. This is a complex medical problem and in many instances life threatening. The following is an amazing set of videos developed by the makers of Eloquis to help patients be compliant with blood thinners and gain a better understanding of the disease process for blood clots.
Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

The makers of Eloquis have developed a compliance tool with texting to help educate and assure safe and proper dosing of this highly regarded anticoagulant.  you may test it simply by texting the word “START” to 37500.  You will get a near immediate response where these videos are shared.   Share these videos if you know of friends or family suffering from a blood clot. If you know of someone suffering from painful swollen legs and concerns about blood clots, ask them to call (765) 807-2770 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Schul.  Dr. Schul has been involved in helping manage patients with blood clots for the past decade and helping them reduce symptoms and avoid long term complications.  Blood clots are complex conditions that require many aspects of care to manage the new problem while working to identify the cause and reducing the risk of recurrence.  To learn more about your risk and how you may avoid developing a blood clot, contact us at (765) 807-2770 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Schul.