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Varicose veins and spider veins develop from genetic influences, hormonal influences and the effects of gravity.  Many products are being promoted to camouflage or act on superficial spider veins yet where is the science?  The reality is that we have seen patients faithfully taking horse chestnut for many years and had no change in vein appearance.  We believe the science is limited with the exception of a european compound called Daflon.  LM.posteriorL.B4

Daflon is a compound of micronized purified flavonoids.  This compound has been shown to help ulcer healing, reduce edema, and inflammation in patients with substantial venous reflux disease and skin findings.  Despite its apparent value in Europe, it is not widely used anywhere and not available in the US.  Recognize that the topical agents have limited role beyond camouflage in the majority of instances.  If you have had success resolving spider veins with any of the over the counter agents, share your story with us.

The Lafayette Regional Vein & Laser Center is a science and outcomes based practice and spider veins are able to be effectively treated in many ways.  Sclerotherapy is the primary treatment while laser and broad band light/pulsed light technologies offer solutions for the smallest of veins over the body.  Sclerotherapy treatment involves small needles and FDA approved sclerosants, polidocanol & sotradecol.  Laser & Broadband Light treatment target hemoglobin in the vessel with a specific wavelength to cause temporary injury in the vessel and allowing it to disappear within a few days to weeks  The image below is after 3 sclerotherapy sessions and 1 year post-treatment.LM.PosteriorL.after

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