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Does FDA Approved Foam really matter?

BTG has spent almost 15 years helping to bring forth the perfect foam product to treat varicose veins.    They have taken the high road by making certain those using it have the necessary knowledge of venous pathology and indications for treatment.  Experience with various sclerosant products is also a major issue given the 2006 article where vascular surgeons who primarily stripped the great saphenous vein were given Varithena to employ.  What it demonstrated was that vascular surgeons who strip veins are generally great at that procedure.  When they were given a foamed sclerosant and limited experience, complications occurred when compared to those familiar with chemical ablation as a primary treatment.  The following talk has been developed for the UIP Chapter meeting in Rome this week.

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Varicose veins, saphenous veins and spider veins are all able to be treated with sclerosant agents.  In performing the typical research I employ for a talk of this caliber, I find the question to be highly controversial.  On one hand the perfect sclerosant foam has been produced, on the other hand previously established off-label use of foam has a strong track record in successful and safe treatment.  Varithena has many merits, yet the hurdles being faced by providers wishing to employ this drug/device are tall, and answers to them currently limited.  Until a clearer path to manageable drug cost and reimbursement for the procedure, physician adoption of the technique will content o be limited.  BTG should feel proud of their accomplishment to date, yet consider plans to alter the course of vein care.   Varithena users need a specific CPT code for the procedure, a shelf-life longer than 1-week, a cost structure that makes sense when payers are struggling with how to categorize this procedure.

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