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Lymphedema is a challenging condition that is progressive in nature and leads to poorly controlled swelling and limb threatening skin changes.  We are sharing a story where a patient of ours presented with advanced stages of lymphedema and a big challenge in life as he felt he could not travel due to his legs to see his son play professional football.  There is no easy fix for lymphedema and the burden of extra weight from lymphatic fluid was extreme.  In this instance we took time to educate the patient on what his condition was, how we were going to help him, with a goal of getting him walking and able to see his son play.  Two things were certain, he was going to need to return to walking and he was to understand how compression therapy was going to help him through this process.

After three weeks of Unna boots to decompress the lower extremities, this gentleman lost over two liters of limb fluid and he was walking with ease to our office.  Unna boots are the most effective tools we have to relieve heavy swollen limbs.  Many patients transition to combination of compression pumps and stockings while others use Velcro garments from MediUSA, Juzo, and Sigvaris.  We had just notified him that his velcro compression garments had arrived to the office and by the time he arrived, he had a plane ticket to see the Dallas/Washington game on Sunday!  We were just hoping he”d be able to go to the playoffs but his commitment to walking helped so dramatically reduce is swelling when combined with the Unna boots.

If you have unexplained arm or leg swelling and do not yet have a diagnosis to explain your problem, you may have lymphedema.  Dr. Schul helps patients with blood clots, lymphatic disorders, leg ulcers and an array of vein related disorders.  If you or your loved one is suffering and would like more information on your limb health, contact us at, visit our website at, or simply call (765) 807-2770 to schedule your consultation.