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"My skin is so smooth following my laser procedure.
I wore a balm for two days and had no pain with the procedure. Now I have strangers telling me how great my skin looks! My experience with Dr. Schul and his staff have exceeded my expectations. Thank you for giving me a more youthful look."
- Carol B.

Lafayette Regional Vein & Laser Center has always focused on helping people feel and look better so they could enjoy life again. Lafayette Regional Esthetics shares this commitment. Our wide array of specialized services are administered by a licensed physician or certified esthetician in a safe, tranquil environment. Download Price List (PDF)

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Lafayette Regional Vein & Laser Center is located in the heart of Lafayette and offers the most comprehensive and innovative treatments available on the market today. From cosmetic lasers and dermatologic procedures we are constantly and carefully researching emerging technologies to bring you the best and the latest treatments that meet the highest standards of safety and quality. Having all of the latest treatments available at our disposal, LRVLC is able to customize the treatments for each patient.

LRVLC is owned and operated by a highly credentialed board certified physician, Dr. Marlin Schul and his expert esthetician, Emily Stoops who perform all procedures and treatments to ensure the best results for our patients. Here at LRVLC, we are proud to have a group of dedicated and skilled professionals who work together to help meet each patients' every need.

Our wide range of treatments can satisfy nearly any need. Some of our most popular facial treatments include:

   * Laser resurfacing
   * Microlaser peel
   * Profractional therapy
   * Microdermabrasion
   * Skin Rejuvenation
   * Skin Tightening
   * Botox/Dysport
   * Fillers

We offer the latest and safest non-invasive body procedures to get you looking and feeling your best. Some of our most popular body treatments include:

   * Laser/BBL Hair Removal
   * Waxing services
   * Massage therapy

Whether fine lines, sun spots, unwanted hair, acne or wrinkles, call 765-807-2SPA for your complimentary evaluation to learn what you can do to feel great in your skin.

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Lafayette Regional Vein and Laser Center of Lafayette, Indiana, is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of varicose vein disease. Patient suffering from a number of conditions including varicose veins, spider veins, venous reflux, and other types of vein disease come to us in search of the best vein treatment center in Eastern Indiana (Lafayette or West Lafayette). Under the direction of Marlin W. Schul, MD, our leading vein doctor and specialist, we seek out the best vein treatment options for each individual patient for varicose veins or spider veins or other cosmetic conditions. Among treatment options are endovenous laser treatment (EVLT), micro phlebectomy, chemical ablation, schlerotherapy and radiofrequency ablation. We also have one of the top estheticians in Indiana, who provides treatments at our facility such as profractional therapy, micro laser peels, broadband light therapy, and hair removal as well as facial and body treatments. Patients in Indiana looking for a top vein and laser center, top varicose vein specialist, and top esthetician, need look no farther. Our goal is to be the best vein center in Lafayette by having our top specialists work with each individual patient to create the best individualized plan for their treatment. Contact us today for an initial consultation. We are conveniently located at 3920 St Francis Way, Suite 105, Lafayette, IN 47905. (Click here to find us on Google+ Local). Call us at 756-588-9010 or send us an email.