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Yes Indeed!

This time of year is the ideal time for spider vein treatment.  Getting legs ready for a swimsuit or simply shorts is a common concern and there are many ways to get you the outcome you are seeking.  Dr. Schul and his staff have chemical ablation/sclerotherapy for small blue green or purple veins also known as spider veins, in addition to laser and pulsed light therapy.

Using dilute concentrations of FDA approved chemicals, blue green and purple veins may be effectively treated with injections known as sclerotherapy or chemical ablation.  Smaller thread veins are often best managed with laser or pulsed light depending on the color of the vessel.  The staff at the Lafayette Regional Vein & Laser Center not only have the best tools to help, but are published in the benefits of treatment for those who are symptomatic.

Why does the time of year matter?  Much of managing a spider vein involves compression hosiery at the time of treatment.  We have peer-reviewed literature now showing better vessel clearance vs. no compression at all.  The winter months are ideal as patients find it far simpler to wear compression stockings and share greater compliance.

A spider vein is of no value to your circulation.  If a spider vein is causing symptoms, bleeding, or simply a burden of cosmetic concerns, they may be safely treated.  It is possible that a limited intervention may be all that is necessary to deliver the desired outcome.  Before any spider vein treatment is considered, one must consider are there other conditions that could be causing symptoms AND should treatment be performed, experience matters.

The Lafayette Regional Vein & Laser Center specialize in treating the entire leg, from small cosmetic veins to legs with roping varicosities and leg ulcers.  Dr. Marlin Schul is a Fellow of the American Board of Phlebology, and certified by the American Board of Venous & Lymphatic Medicine.  To learn about your spider vein options, contact us at or call (765) 807-2770.