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Varicose Vein Outcomes & Dr. Schul’s Commitment

Dr. Marlin Schul has been dedicated to helping patients suffering from a plethora of vein conditions including blood clots, varicose veins, venous leg ulcers, and cosmetic concerns.  The dedication Dr. Schul and his team possess is quite impressive as he currently is leading the country in outcomes reporting for all patients he sees.  When patients visit the office, they are asked to complete questionnaires that allow patients to tell their story.  These are impressive tools that help to identify whether the treatment provided is making a difference in the lives of those they treat.

The American College of Phlebology has a public dashboard where you can witness who is participating in this effort and where they are located.  If you visit you will see how rapidly a registry is growing while capturing real world outcomes as perceived by the patients we treat.  Capturing the patient’s voice is the only honest way to assess whether a difference is being made.  The queries are limited and take little time to complete.  The data is coupled with ultrasound findings and vein patterns that allow the ability to compare disease states and true quality of life measures.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.21.53 AM

ACPPROVeinRegistry Quality of Life Dashboard for Dr. Marlin Schul

The graph above shows the generic quality of life tool and 12-month results to date for Dr. Schul.  This is a benchmarking chart, indicating that Dr. Schul’s patients are reporting quality of life improvement at the top of all patients reported.

The dedication of Dr. Schul’s team is truly unmatched in Indiana.  If you suffer from leg pain, swelling, blood clots, ropey varicose veins, venous leg ulcers, or simply have a vein related concern, Dr. Schul and his talented team stands ready to help and is committed to delivering a benefit to your quality of life.  Call (765) 807-2770 or email to schedule your appointment or tell a friend that you have discovered an ideal place to be assessed offering many treatment options for patients in need.